Welcome Backstage ….. This section of our site is all about the band and our equipment!


Obviously our website is primarily designed in the hope that you (the client) will get a good idea of the quality, professionalism and style of what we do as a band and want to book us – and why wouldn’t you as we are brilliant!

But as a band we got into performing and playing because we love Music. We love playing in a band, we love the setting up (not all the time!), we love our gear and we love going home feeling part of something special.

This section of the website is really for techies, music buffs that want to see what goes on behind the performance. We will be putting up videos of:

  • rehearsals and pre- show sound-checks
  • what goes into using our equipment
  • what equipment we use
  • how we set up our equipment

As I said this is more for the music enthusiast but it will give you an in-site into the workings of a successful Party band – hope you enjoy.


This following video shows the first few thing we do after setting up the equipment. Make sure everything is working perfectly by playing through a few songs.

You can see and hear we are playing through a new song we had to learn for a first dance-  Florence and the Machine ‘You’ve got the love’ – sound checks are a great opportunity to practice new songs.
As every room is different one or two of the band take it in turns to check the acoustics of the room for bass traps and general feel of what sort of sound we can expect during the night.