I'm having my party in a marquee, is there anything I need to be aware of?

Yes – you would need to make sure we have 2 x 13 amp independent power sockets. Power supply problems usually arise when the power source is being shared with kitchen equipment, bar pumps etc. We would also need a 16ft x 8ft stage – or at the very least a solid floor base to perform on and to keep electrical leads off the grass …unless you are after an unexpected pyrotechnic show!!

My venue has told me I can't use any band unless they have a PAT certificate and Public Liability insurance, have you got both of these?

Yes we have- It’s compulsary thses days that to perform at any venue in the UK you need to have a PAT Certificate and Public Liability Insurence. We will take care when requested of sending both these documents direct to your venue prior to your event. N.B. Please note that not all venues are always ‘on the ball’ over this , but they have got the power to stop bands performing on the night if said documents can not be provided!!

What happens if a band member falls ill?

If a band member should fall ill or be indisposed we will replace him/her with an equally talented professional – without the need to worry you about it. We have made our living on the professional music scene for many years and built up a comprehensive list of top musicians – all eventualities are always covered to make sure your night is perfect and seamless…our reputation relies on it!!

Can we see the band play live?

No, we perform exclusively at private functions and I’m sure you can understand our clients reluctance to allow access to strangers. It is for this reason we have put a video/demos, pictures, song list and testimonials on our site to help you in the big decision of choosing the right band for your event. We are however more than happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone!

Can my friend sing?

As long as we know the song to accompany them if it’s okay with you it’s okay with us.

Do the Band play though the Dinner?

No not usually it tends to lesson the first impact of the band. Most clients prefer to have the band utilized when really needed i.e. for dancing. According to setup times and proximity to the dining area C.d’s are available though dinner.

If we need you to set up your equipment after the Wedding breakfast how long will this take?

We take approx 1 hour to set and be changed ready to perform. Please note this does depend on how quickly the venue creates the space needed for us to be able to set.

Do I need to provide anything else for the Band?

You will need to remind your venue organizer the need to provide a secure changing room at the disposal of the band to change and leave personal belongings.

I can't decide between a Band or Disco?

A good band that can read an audience is essential to a successful night. We are able to play for a wide range of age groups making sure everybody feels involved in the party. The other major benefit of a live band is it’s great visual presence on an event – for those who don’t enjoy dancing they’ll still have a great show to look at!! Also a common complaint of discos is that they only play for the younger element in the audience and are too loud!

What if I want a special song?

If you have a particular first song request (time & suitability permitting) we will be delighted to learn it for you. Throughout the night we continually ask for requests, so everybody has their chance to have there favourite song played.

Will you be smart?

According to the event we will either be very formal or if it’s a more Informal event smart matching stagewear.

Do we need to provide food for you?

Yes it is an accepted part of the engagement that you would provide food for the band. In the case of weddings when a buffet is being provided for guests then an invite for the band to partake is ideal. In the case of dinner/dances a simple hot meal would be the norm, always remember a fed and watered band is a very happy band!

How do I confirm?

Once we have your go-ahead we will send you a confirmation letter which states all the agreed set up/ playing times and fee, any other additional terms and conditions would also be included. This agreement would be returned to us within 7 days signed by you with your venue address and an agreed deposit. The remaining fee would be payable by cheque or bank transfer 2 weeks prior to the big event or if mutually agreed final balance can be paid in ‘cash’ at the beginning of the night.

I'm a bit worried about volume?

We play as loud or quiet as we feel the event necessitates, however volume Is very subjective so communication between the Bandleader and organizer Is essential.

What happens during band breaks?

It is our aim to make sure that breaks come at most appropriate times i.e if you’re having a buffet in the evening this would be a perfect break time. If you have a raffle organized then again a perfect time for the band to break. However classic party C.D’s are always ready to go to ensure continuous music is guaranteed! – it’s like getting a disco thrown in free!

How long do you play for live and how would this broken into sets?

3 Hours approx, this can be broken into 3 x 1 hour sets or 2 longer sets which ever fits into your evening the best.

How much do you cost?

We would need some basic information to give you a quote i.e where and when the event is to take place. As a professional band our main aim is to keep a busy date sheet and to this end we will always try to accommodate people’s budgets (within reason!) especially when dealing with off peak dates. If you feel we are the right band for you but over budget please speak to us…you never know!!! Indeed if you feel we are the right band for you and under your budget….you can always pay us more!!! Please note you are dealing with us direct and not through a third party entertainment agency. By booking with us direct you will be saving a 15-20% commission (added to our fee) that you would have to pay if you did book us through one of these other sources!